Ionel Nistor cobayul and victim and criminal justice medical system in Romania!

Having spent three years with scalpel column, Ionel Nistor lost the malpraxi

Lost Process

Ionel Nistor, Oradea who sued Neurosurgeons Cluj Stephen Florian because he had forgotten the knife cuts in the spine, the process lost her claim for damages for malpractice.

According portal, Cluj Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal Friday Orădeană maintaining prior verdicts Court and Tribunal Cluj. So he will not get any money from the 400,000 euros requisite damage from the incident.

Case Orădeană Ionel Nistor sparked controversy from the start. Process accuse the surgeon Stefan Nistor Florian malpractice took place behind closed doors at all three courts (Court, Court, Court of Appeal) as defenders doctor claimed that a public trial would prejudice their client’s image .

With scalpel column

Nistor, now aged 54, went to Cluj in 2004 with terrible neck pain. Doctors discovered an infection in the column, and that antibiotic treatment was unsuccessful, underwent surgery in the neurosurgery department, where Dr. Stephen Florian take a bag of pus removed from the column.

During surgery, the surgeon’s knife broke even while being inserted into the cavity in which perform the operation. Hence, the versions are different. “During the intervention, a scalpel blade was broken into several pieces, which were scattered among nerve structures and vertebrae, which they removed it, but the doctor Stephen Florian has left a blade 4.5 centimeters in . three years I spent with her body without knowing. ridge, the doctor said he saw the incident but did not say a word, nor I, as a patient or family or his superiors, “was his version Nistor including the Bihor.

On the other hand, Stephen Florian doctor argued in court that prompted the patient to return to control, and that if he would have complied with the request, the consequences would have been others, writes portal remembered. Florian would be told later that it is a piece Orădeană tiny and called to retrieve him. Oradea declined to longer operate in Cluj and went to Elias Hospital in Bucharest, where “chip” was removed.

The charges do not stop there. Nistor also asserts that the search action chips and one of its doctors poked a finger, and there would be elected and hepatitis B and C. The court rejected the possibility that he may have been infected with hepatitis during the operation. Whereof Oradea will seek justice elsewhere.

Go past

Because I have rejected all actions both on the criminal and the civilian, Ionel Nistor threatens that it will require further rights, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. “We have already sent the documents to the prosecution. Once I get the motivation, I will send the documents to the civil action.’ll Increase claims against the Romanian State to a million euros,” said some, convinced he’s right.

Oradea believes that the decision to reject its action is influenced by family relationships between doctor and president of the Court of Appeal accused Cuj Valentin bribes.

On the other hand, the lawyer Dr. Mihaela Burzo, told OradeCluj that the court decision is correct and that the doctor Stephen Florian has nothing to criticize about this case. “Nistor can appeal to the ECHR.’s His right. All procedures have been complied with, the operation was successful. Fragments team sought the knife broke, convinced that all was discovered. Actually, the doctor saved the patient’s life that came state of generalized sepsis. came into operation with zero chance. Florian reason doctor called secret meeting in the courtroom was only desire not to disclose the patient’s medical problems. Actually, Nistor was suspected hepatitis before come to surgery, ‘said Burzo. The lawyer said he did not know whether his client and between the President of the Court of Appeal, Valentin Mitea, there is a family relationship.
Ionel Nistor currently living 10 years in a $ 60 allowance
His life is in danger, and appeal to people full of character and generosity, rich people, to help and to save his life Ionel Nistor.

Ionel wishes you all the best!

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