Justice strange: scalpel looked in Oradea body will have to give money butcher doctor!
JOURNALIST by Andreea Cost – 21 November 2011 – 11:57
Posted in: Current
Publicized and controversial case of Oradea Ionel Nistor who lived three years with a scalpel doctor looked column comes to an end, from the point of view of judges in Romania. Although man sued the doctor for malpractice and demanded damages of 400,000 euros, Cluj Court of Appeal ruled that the doctor Stephen Florian is innocent. Moreover, the victim has to pay currently over £ 17,000 physician. Ionel Nistor told today (21 November) for details about the process and what are the steps that you will do in the future. “I was speechless when I saw the judges’ decision. I am outraged by the deadwood in the judicial system. It’s a real mob. These people should be subjected to medical examination before dressing gown, “says outraged Ionel Nistor. “Because I came Romanian medical system of a healthy person in power, as I was in 2004, to have certificate of disability pension and live in care. And I finished the judiciary sphere and mentally, “says Orădeană for our news portal.

You are clearly a victim? Not bathrooms: pay!

“The state of financial paralysis. As do my right I needed money for lawsuits. I spent over 600 million ROL in recent years. I borrowed the banks, I, his wife and the girl. I can not rate you pay on time and incur the penalty, “said Nistor. “I had blind faith in the Romanian justice. And I woke up the court decides that the doctor has to pay damages instead I have to pay his costs of £ 17,200 in value, “says Oradea. “Throughout the process the doors were closed, to protect his reputation. Received it, not justice. The court did not even asked me to present evidence “revolt Nistor.

Damages of one million euro

The next step is to call Nistor makes the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). “I opened another criminal case in 2010. Now waiting for the final decision to the ECHR and motivation Cluj Court of Appeal, which I long to send them up on December 1, “said Oradea. “Opening a parallel civil lawsuit. Romanian state damages are worth a million euros to mob justice and health, “says Nistor.
Oradea said he wants to call to the stand, in Oradea, Cluj Court of Appeal judges on. However, fears that he will lose. “I think just the ECHR may be right. But I’m sorry for the damage they will pay the state, thus the people, instead of paying the guilty “concluded Nistor.

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