cobay nistor ionel

cobay nistor ionel

Ionel Nistor novel lived three years with the blade of a knife forgotten in the body following an operation column has decided to sue the Romanian state to the Hague Tribunal and demand compensation of 1 million euro, informs Sunday Reality TV.

Oradea Ionel Nistor, aged 54, was operated on in 2004 for an infection at a hospital in Cluj column, but felt pain after surgery in the surgical site and found only three years after the cause of a scalpel blade Forgotten by physicians. This had to have a second surgery in Bucharest to scalpel blade is removed from the body.

Therefore, Oradea filed complaints against the doctor who operated in 2004, Florian Stefan, Medical College Cluj and the Prosecutor, demanding damages of 400,000 euros, but the court case is still pending. Graduated from the Medical College surgeon any guilt. He was exonerated explaining that “the fragment was found away from any structure or nervous and vital local inflammatory aspect not present.”

Because of the accident, Oradea is forced to wear a plastic brace to help column is not fit to work and lives of a disability pension. “in my country I was treated like an animal, the last solution is to look for drepatea the International Court of Justice in The Hague,” said Ionel Nistor.

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